Lahcen Beqqi Cooking School & Morocco Cultural Tours

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[Lahcen Beqqi] has been at the helm of the kitchens of some of the top restaurants in Fez’s expanding dining scene and now fills a niche as a culinary guide and guru to outsiders.
Seth Sherwood, New York Times, April 8, 2007

morocco-desert-camel-trek“We want to experience the real Morocco”. These are often the first words we hear from our guests.  Fes Cooking & Cultural Tours is a Moroccan family run business, with a real passion for making sure our guests experience the richness and warmth of true Moroccan hospitality. Whether you are with us for just one day or for several days, we are passionate about sharing the culture and traditions of our country, and making sure you get the most out of the time we have with you.

morocco-fes-cooking-classYou may be looking for a single cooking class, one-day excursion, multi-day tour or to celebrate a special event.  We cater for guests of all ages.  Our custom made private tours are perfect for solo travellers, families, couples and friends.  Travel at your pace, and start and finish wherever you want.  Whatever you need, Fes Cooking & Cultural Tours can create a personalised itinerary that works perfectly for you!

As the first cooking school in Fes, our beginnings lie in the kitchen.  Cooking is still our first love, but we also want to do all we can to help you get off the well worn tourist track and immerse you in the real Morocco we love – our people, places, food, history and culture.

morocco-berber-carpet-marketThe Kingdom of Morocco is captivating, with some of the most extraordinarily diverse and spectacular landscapes to be found in any one country.  Learn the secrets of Moroccan cuisine; explore the Imperial Cities of Casablanca, Meknes and Rabat; experience life in the 2000 year old living medina of Fes; visit the vibrant souks and stunning gardens of Marrakech; tour world famous UNESCO world heritage sights; experience traditional life in Berber villages; take a camel trek and spend a night under the stars in the Sahara; explore the majestic Atlas Mountains; relax by the sea in Essaouira; unwind in the mountain town of Chefchaouen; surf the Atlantic Ocean coastlines; swim in the serene Mediterranean; enjoy traditional dance and music; record your journey in paint or photographs – your choices are endless ….

From all your Seattle area fans – thanks for such an amazing trip! From cooking days to the Sahara Camel Trekking, to the Atlas Mountains and the road to Marrakech; it was fabulous and so are you! I’m still learning to cook Moroccan and loving every bite! -Dianne, Seattle

It’s now been a month since our fantastic journey, and I still want to return and live in Morocco. A very big thank you for the best trip I have ever been on. You managed to execute the best individual hand selected places to see, the best places to stay, and the most beautiful foods to taste. Your success was enhanced by the fantastic people you organised to take care of us, guide us, and entertain us. Please pass on my gratitude to all these people, as some of the most polite, friendly and welcoming people I have had the pleasure to meet. The only problem we have now is not when can we return, but how soon. Again thank you, and your dedicated team for an extraordinary ,well designed view of your beautiful country. We will meet again in the very near future. –Neall

Thanks for the great experience! Our all day cooking adventure in Fes was a fantastic way to close out our trip to Morocco! -Avi