Amellago Berber Retreats

morocco-amellago-welcomeOur Amellago Berber Retreats welcomes you to a truly memorable rich and unique cultural experience.  Our beautiful home village of Amellago lies in the very heart of the South.  Staying in our comfortable guesthouse, we invite you to share with our family a way of life that has remained unchanged for centuries.  Surrounded by our gardens of grapes, peaches, apricots, pomegranates, olives, vegetables and herbs, feel the warmth of your reception the minute you enter, with the beauty of Amellago, matched only by the legendary hospitality of our people.

morocco-amellago-almond-blossomsLive our culture and take part in everyday family and community life.  Participate in local cultural events such as weddings, festivals and celebrations.  Share our meals of simple wholesome food prepared from our fields and gardens.  Walk in the fields, trek or climb in the mountains, see the almonds in full bloom, bake bread, make couscous, help with annual harvests, learn about traditional agricultural practices which have endured for centuries, explore Berber artisan crafts, or relax in a traditional Berber hammam.  These are just some of things we would like to share with you.

morocco-berber-familiyWhether you are a culture-seeking traveller, writer, painter, photographer or just searching for a space to rest and relax away from it all, the tranquillity of our village life and the majestic beauty of the lush green fields, gorge and surrounding mountains provide a constant source of inspiration and a unique journey of discovery.  Come as a single traveller, family or group to learn, restore, refresh and reenergise.  By immersing yourself in a totally different way of life, exploring diverse cultural landscapes, and participating in meaningful cultural exchanges, your world becomes open to new experiences, perspectives, and possibilities.

Immerse Yourself: Authentic Berber Life

Our Amellago Berber Retreats have something to offer everyone.  Whatever it is that you need from your time with us, just let us know and we will develop the perfect itinerary for you.  Do as much or as little as you want.  Here are some ideas for you.

morocco-amellago-fieldsThe heartbeat of our village is agriculture and sustainable farming practices which have endured for centuries.  Fed by gorge spring water and protected by trees, cultivated plots are carefully tended to by families.  Learn about the ingenious, ancient, community irrigation system which provides life to all family fields, and the ways in which resources are shared to harvest and care for valuable animal herds.  You don’t need to be an avid gardener or a seasoned farmer.  Just come and feel the sunshine on your skin and perhaps volunteer to help work in the fields for a day or two.  Or simply take your time, and meander through the fields, village and valleys.

morocco-olive-treeEnjoy picking almonds in the warmer months, or take in the beauty of almond groves awash with white and pink blossom in February.  Join the all important annual wheat harvest in June/July.  Olive picking takes place in the months of November and December.  Bushes of wild rosemary and thyme grow prolifically throughout the region.  As well as providing food for our bees, their medicinal properties have sustained our people for centuries.  You are welcome to share our secrets!  If you prefer animals to people, there are sheep and goats to be herded, cows to be milked, and chickens to be fed.

morocco-breadLearn to make your own olive oil, almond cream or fresh goats cheese.  Bake bread over the fire in our mud oven.  Indulge your senses.  Prepare and cook a traditional meal of couscous and other authentic Berber cuisine; fresh from our fields to your table.

morocco-couscous-berber-villageTake a quiet space to write and reflect.  Take advantage of the stunning painting and photography opportunities.  Record the spectacular landscapes, warm people, and authentic cultural scenes that surround you.  Explore the stunning geology of the region, and with almost no light pollution, take advantage of wonderful stargazing opportunities.

morocco-berber-carpetLearn more about artisan crafts in the Berber tradition.  Guided by women from our village, learn about how Berber rugs are made or create your own unique pieces of pottery to take home with you.

morocco-amellago-gorgeIf you prefer physical pursuits and the constant rush of adrenalin, spend a few days rock climbing scaling the dizzy heights of gorges, or cycling or hiking the mountains.

Base yourself in Amellago to fully explore the magic of the South.  Our location makes us the perfect base for exploring the heart of the South.  Take day or overnight trips from Amellago and explore Erfoud, Rissani, Merzouga, Gris Valley, Todra Gorges, Boumalne Dades and much much more!

Where we are

morocco-berber-retreats-mapOur beautiful village of Amellago lies in the heart of the High Atlas mountains, nestled in the Ghris Valley and surrounding gorge.  We are located 1hr from Rich, 1hr from Goulmima via Ghris Valley, and 1.5hr from Tinghir (Todra Gorge).

We can arrange transfers to us from anywhere in Morocco.  For those who enjoy taking the road less travelled, directions can be provided for you to undertake your own journey of discovery to Amellago.

We are waiting to welcome you!  For any questions or to arrange your perfect Amellago Berber Retreat contact us.

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