Single Day Moroccan Cooking Class

Our single-day cooking lessons are designed for anyone from first time cooks to experienced chefs. Our chef will help you understand the basics and the subtleties of Moroccan cuisine. Your lesson will be a hands-on experience in Moroccan cuisine as well as its culture. You will visit the souk in Fez and learn how to pick the freshest ingredients. Your lesson will be held in a traditional Moroccan home or “riad”.


9:00: Our chef will come pick you up at your hotel and you will start your shopping trip in the souk, where you will buy your fresh ingredients for your meal. During this shopping trip, our chef will show you how to pick the tastiest items and how to recognize what’s fresh and what’s not.

10:00: Come back to the Riad to start cooking! Roll up your sleeves and put on your aprons for a few hours of hands-on cooking – Moroccan style! Feel free to take notes and pictures.

1:00: What is more satisfying than to eat food that you have prepared? You and our chef will eat your dish for lunch, when you may choose to try eating “à la Marocaine”, using bread and your right hand, instead of a fork and knife. After your meal, sit back, relax, and enjoy a complimentary pot of refreshing Moroccan mint tea.

3:00: Return to your hotel or your next destination with a full stomach!

Your lesson includes a trip the souk, instruction for a three-course meal, and our own Moroccan recipe booklet that you can use when you go home.

Depending on the season, your menu may include the following options. We are more than happy to accommodate vegetarian needs.

* = vegetarian or can be modified for vegetarian needs


  • *Briouates with Cheese, crispy triangles filled with fresh goat’s cheese
  • *Harira, tomato-based Moroccan soup with chick peas and meat
  • *Zaalouk, cooked eggplant and tomato salad
  • *Choukchouka, peppers and tomatoes with garlic
  • *Artichokes Cooked with Oranges and Preserved Lemons
  • *Carrots with Cumin Seeds, Cheese, and Coriander

Main Dishes

  • *Couscous with seven vegetables, a semolina-based dish with meat or chicken and vegetables
  • Tajine with Quince, Moroccan stew with meat or chicken and quince
  • *Vegetable Tagine
  • Tagine with Prunes and Dates or with Apricots and almonds, made with chicken or meat
  • Djaj Mqalli, chicken tagine with preserved lemons and olives
  • *Pastilla (Bisteeya), a pastry-style dish with pigeon stuffing
  • Fish Tagine (best on Tuesdays and Saturdays – the days of the fish market)


– served with spiced coffee or Moroccan Mint tea

  • *Cream Pastilla, a light and crispy dessert with a cream filling
  • *Kateef, a Moroccan pancake stuffed with cheese and almonds, topped with honey
  • *Date Rolls, small cookies with a date paste filling
  • *Melon and Mint Salad, with orange flower flavouring
  • *Radish, Orange, and Fennel Salad, one of Lahcen’s own creations

See our recipe selections (on the right) to try some of these dishes at home before your lesson!


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