About Us

Want to visit Morocco? Here is a little bit about us and what we bring to make your time in Morocco a trip of a lifetime.

As the first cooking school in Fes, our beginnings lie in the kitchen.  Cooking is still our first love, BUT we also provide one-day excursions, multi-day tours, and special events.  Fes Cooking & Cultural Tours is an independent, Moroccan family run business, with a real passion for making sure our guests experience the richness and warmth of true Moroccan hospitality.  Offering personalised tours for solo travellers, couples, families and groups of all ages, our mission is to do all we can to help you explore the very best of Morocco, learn about and celebrate our culture, and get to know a little bit about our way of life.

morocco-berber-familiyOur Director and Head Chef, Lahcen is from the south of Morocco.  Growing up in Amellago, a small agricultural village in the High Atlas mountains, Lahcen is particularly passionate about showing people the magic of the south!  Since launching Fes Cooking in 2006, Lahcen has been featured in numerous publications and programmes. He has worked abroad in Europe,  Asia, USA, Australia, and New Zealand.

morocco-couscous-berber-villageOften one of the first things people will say to us when planning their trip is “We want to see the real Morocco”.  Lahcen and our experienced team, all of whom are Moroccan, have extensive experience, and speak English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Berber.

We know Morocco. Whether you are with us for just one day or for several days, we are passionate about sharing the culture and traditions of our country and making sure you get the most out of the time we have with you.  Having fun is of course essential!  Part of you getting to know the real Morocco means that we work directly with local people and families in the places we visit.  Like us, they welcome the opportunity to share a part of their world with you.

morocco-amellago-almond-blossomsOur website provides some suggested itineraries. However, most of our guests have personalized tours tailored specifically to their time frame, budget and interests. We are constantly exploring new places and suggesting new journeys in response to the diverse needs of our guests. Just contact us and tell us a little bit about yourself, what you would like to do, and where you would like to go and we will suggest an itinerary for you.

Fes Cooking & Cultural Tours is a licensed tour operator, with each driver and vehicle appropriately registered and licensed with the Moroccan authorities.