Lahcen Beqqi Cooking School Classes

1247415We offer a number of different itineraries to suit participants of all cooking levels, from the novice to the advanced. Whether you have never even tasted a tagine or you are trying to figure out of to get the right consistency in your harira, we have a course to suit your needs. We have created an intimate setting to provide the ultimate learning environment and our class sizes reflect this. All cooking classes are hands-on, use the freshest of ingredients and also give our students an experience in Moroccan culture.

1416558We offer single day classes in the Fes Medina at a Riad. Our 7-day culinary adventure is a chance to spend more time exploring the region and its cuisine at the same time. Our newest course in meshwi, Berber-style barbeque, is a fun and exciting cooking experience in a Berber town not far from Fes.

Whichever course you choose, our goal is for all of our students to go home with some new recipes, new techniques and wonderful memories.