Barbequing Berber-style

Berber-Style Barbeque in Azrou

barbequing - meshwiBarbequing (in Arabic: “meshwi”) is an important part of ceremonies in Berber villages. It is the main course at weddings or in ceremonies honoring an important guest. In villages where every family has a herd of sheep and goats, it is an honor if a family slaughters one from his herd. Meshwi can be cooked either over a pit or in an oven under the ground, depending on the region. Ceremonies usually take place at night and while the meat is cooking, the celebration commences. People gather around the pit and play drums, sing, dance and talk.

Get away from the busy streets of Fes for a day and take advantage of this unique opportunity to participate in an ancient tradition. You and our chef will travel 45 minutes from Fes to Azrou, the nearest Berber village. The day will be spent grilling up a feast in the beautiful cedar woods which surround Azrou. Your barbeque will be accompanied by a couscous dish. After the lessons, you will also have time to explore the town after you eat.


9:00: Our chef will come pick you up at your hotel and you will start your trip to Azrou.

10:00: Arrive in Azrou and start barbequing next to the lake in Azrou’s famous cedar woods.

2:00: Eat your feast!

3:00-5:30: Take the time to enjoy Azrou. You may choose to take a walk through the woods and visit the Barbary Apes which live wild in forest. Or you may want to go into town, walk around and shop. Azrou is famous for having some of Morocco’s best Berber rugs.

5:30: Return to Fes.


Price includes transportation, ingredients, instruction, tour of Azrou.

Cancellations must be made at least 72hrs in advance. If cancellations are made within 72hrs, the full price is payable.

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